Internet Services

Ohio Telecom can provide traditional analog phone lines over PRI or T-1 connections, and/or high speed Internet connections such as Cable, DSL, and Fiber.

Phone Service

This service is directed toward business and government entities of all sizes. Ohio Telecom can provide you with all your phone and Internet service at a fraction of your current costs. You'll receive a reduced cost of local business phone lines; FREE long distance in the U.S. and Canada; no access charges; high speed Internet; a seamless transition (no down time for your business); and support from a local community business just like yours.

Quality Telephone Systems

Whether you're looking for a traditional phone system or hosted "Cloud Based" system Ohio Telecom has you covered. We can design an efficient, affordable phone system for your small business. Whether you have one office or numerous locations, Ohio Telecom can provide you with the hardware and the connectivity to help you work smarter and become more profitable.

If you are a larger organization, Ohio Telecom has long standing relationships with distributors of ShoreTel Unified Communication systems. Ohio Telecom works closely with these distributors to design and implement your system, plus provide your connectivity. Of course, as always, we’ll find a way to reduce your costs overall while we move your technology into the future.

Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) Services

This service is directed toward owners of apartment complexes, business parks, strip malls, condo associations, managed care facilities, hotels; any business that requires a number of separate telephones, telephone numbers, and high speed Internet and local phone service at a significant cost savings.

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